Automation Features

Create automated workflows that reduces your time ten fold, and increases the chance of converting leads with automated messages and AI responses.

Email Automation

Effortless Lead Nurturing with Email Automation

Simplify your contact management with our comprehensive Contact Area. Store all your contacts in one centralized hub and customize fields to monitor and input the data that matters most to your business. Our system automatically adds contacts as soon as they enter the system, whether through forms, Facebook, Instagram, or chatbots. From basic information to custom fields tailored to your needs, Sales Ember ensures that your contact database remains organized, updated, and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Additional workflow Automation

Unlock Ultimate Efficiency with Additional Workflow Automation

Take your productivity to the next level with our Additional Workflow Automation features. From automating tasks and opportunities to enrolling contacts into courses and sending appointment reminders, our system handles it all seamlessly. Stay organised with internal notifications, add tags for better segmentation, and even reach out to contacts via WhatsApp. With the power to automate almost any aspect of your workflow, Sales Ember empowers you to streamline operations and focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Opportunity pipelines

Optimise Your Sales Journey with Opportunity Pipelines

Dive into the heart of your sales process with Sales Ember’s Opportunity Pipelines. Visualise and track every stage of your sales journey, from lead to closure, with clarity and precision. Customise pipelines to suit your unique workflow, ensuring seamless progress tracking for every opportunity. With Sales Ember, you’ll stay organized, focused, and ready to capitalise on every potential deal. Experience the power of streamlined sales management today.

Everything for £97+vat per month.

Including 6000 emails per month **


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