Course and Community Builder

Build courses for lead generation and to sell access. Also build courses in place of Slack Channels and Facebook Groups

Course Builder

Empower Learning And Increase Recurring Sales With Our Course Builder​

Unlock the potential of recurring sales and dynamic learning experiences with Sales Ember’s Course Builder. Craft engaging and interactive courses tailored to your audience’s needs, and watch as your offerings become a sustainable revenue stream. Seamlessly integrate payment options to enable recurring sales, ensuring continuous value delivery while maximising profitability. With Sales Ember, creating and monetising educational content has never been more effortless. Start building your path to long-term success today.

Community Builder

Forge Stronger Connections with Our Community Building Platform

Say goodbye to scattered conversations and hello to centralised engagement with Sales Ember’s Community Building Platform. Create vibrant communities where your audience can connect, collaborate, and thrive—all within your ecosystem. Monetise your community with subscription-based access, fostering a loyal following while generating recurring revenue. Alternatively, leverage free groups for lead generation and nurturing, cultivating relationships that drive long-term success. With Sales Ember, building and monetising your community has never been more seamless. 

Everything for £97+vat per month.

Including 6000 emails per month **


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