Convert to Customers

Automate your document signing, invoicing and taking payment either one off or on subscription.

Document Signing

Streamline Your Business Processes with Document Signing Automation

Simplify document signing with Sales Ember’s automation capabilities. Whether you tag a person or place them into an opportunity pipeline, our system seamlessly sends documents for signature. Customise your documents to include products and services, enabling clients to sign off before payment. From contracts to agreements, expedite the signing process and accelerate deal closure. Experience efficiency at its finest with Sales Ember’s Document Signing Automation.

Online Payments

Seamless Payment Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Elevate your payment experience with Sales Ember’s versatile payment links. Create instant payment links for swift transactions or build customisable products for your ecommerce store, sales funnels, courses, or community. Whether it’s one-off payments or subscriptions, our system automates the process, sending payment links effortlessly after a contact is signed. Connect your Stripe or PayPal account to receive payments seamlessly. With Sales Ember, managing payments has never been easier or more flexible.

Our services

Fully automated

Experience unparalleled efficiency as all our lead capture features seamlessly integrate with our robust Workflow capabilities. Automate follow-up messages, reminders, tasks, notes, and more, ensuring every interaction with your contacts is timely and impactful. From initial outreach to nurturing leads and closing deals, Sales Ember empowers you to customise and automate your entire sales process with ease. Streamline your workflow and supercharge your productivity like never before.

Everything for £97+vat per month.

Including 6000 emails per month **


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